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CrazyKoreanCooking to Ship Oh Kimchi! nationwide!

Here is the news so many have been waiting for! This July the amazing ladies over at CrazyKoreanCooking will begin shipping Oh Kimchi Austin nationwide! Get very excited and check out the website as soon as you read this for some other amazing Korean tips, recipes, and fun all around!



Some you may have noticed we haven't been at the Austin area Farmers' Markets lately. Since last winter was so tough for us we decided to take the winter to focus on our grocery wholesale to save energy and money. Here are just a few stores you can find us at in the meantime. #MerryChristmas! @wholefoodsmarket #lamar #gateway #beecaves #arbortrails #vinyard #quarry locations, @wheatsville #guadelupe #slamar #freshplus #hydepark #clarksville, @peoplesrx #nlamar #slamar #westbank, @in.gredients, @whipin, @rivercitymarket, @greenling_com, and @juicerheroes SA!

Oh Kimchi!

We were really lucky to have Oh Kimchi Austin come to the farm today and help us learn to make delicious, healthy kimchi with our veggies. Thanks so much!

Demo happening now at Wheatsville Food Co-op on South Lamar! Come try a sample of our varieties!

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A simple quick dinner of curry pork on a bed of white rice with a side of the Vegan Mool. Manh-i meoggo!

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Our goal is to bring the worlds healthiest food known as Kimchi to the masses. To do this we need the help of everyone of our #KimchiHeads to spread the word and share this page and spread the word about our amazing products.

Coming soon you will be able to contribute even more by helping us with our Kickstarter! We will also be in Whole Foods across Austin and San Antonio by summers' end! Check out all our locations by clicking on the locations and find out more ways to incorporate our kimchis into your daily diet by checking out the recipes section as well!


Staff Pick of the Week!

Vegan Cucumber Kimchi!

The crunchy cucumber is so delicious! Perfectly refreshing for these hot summer days. A lot of you will end up taking a fork straight to the jar but try some steamed rice with nori flakes to add even more to the experience!

-Abbi Lunde


Oh Kimchi Recipe of the Week

The Kimchi Burger:

This is a recipe that can be done so well by so many and is so simple even a caveman can make it! Whether your a vegan and us Good Seed patties, or love some good ol' pasture raised meat. Whether you us Oh Kimchi's Traditional Napa or want some of the Vegan Cucumber Kimchi instead. There are probably over a 100 different ways to create this delicious beast. Be mindful if you are having gluten intolerant folks over and use gluten free bread and remember we are all naturally gluten-free, msg-free, vinegar/ preservative free, and cater to all diets!:)

Kimchi is also a great topping for pork/chicken sandwiches, brats, sliders, hot dogs, and everything else!